A Day At The Office: A Portrait Of Mayhem Or Mindfulness?

A Day At The Office: A Portrait Of Mayhem Or Mindfulness?

In the last month, we’ve been focused on inhaling positive energy and exhaling negative energy. This month presents a new challenge as we approach the year-end hustle and bustle. The body is not equipped to handle copious amounts of stress which can lead to a compromised immune system, high blood pressure, or even development of Type 2 Diabetes. In this article, we’ll follow a new character as she goes about her day at the office. We’ll learn that regardless of your daily life, you can find ways to reduce stress. Follow the links we’ve sprinkled throughout to learn more tips to manage your busy schedule with greater ease.

6:00 AM

Sarah starts her day early after a short six hours of sleep and only two snooze breaks. As she showers, she employs her tried and true mindfulness techniques to assist her in becoming aware of her surroundings throughout the day. She breathes in deeply enjoying the steam and feels the torrents of warm water rush over her, cleansing both her mind and body.

6:08 AM

Four minutes into the shower, she hears the phone ring for the first time. An “emergency call” from her boss regarding her spreadsheets from the day before. If he knew the first thing about excel functions, it wouldn’t be an issue. She ignores the call, employing her techniques to remain undisturbed by such things.

As she dries off, her usual meditation comes to mind. She prepares her spirit for the journey and focuses on deep breathing…

7:30 AM

She leaves for work after a longer meditation than usual. Running late from having forgotten to put her morning coffee on before meditation, Sarah calmly accepts that life is not to be controlled and conquered, but rather to be observed and cherished. She puts her windows down and welcomes the rush of cold air into her spirit, cooling her thoughts and freezing her worries. She embraces her time with nature before closing the windows and returning her thoughts to the office.

8:30 AM

Arriving at the office downtown, Sarah notes that there is a crowd around the elevators. She sees an easy opportunity for some exercise, and happily bypasses the crowd to take the stairs to the fifth floor, finding her heart rate to be slower since last week when she started taking the stairs.

9:00 AM

Walking in the door, she is greeted by a hostile and sarcastic boss, who was clearly displeased with her refusal to answer the phone earlier and is working on trapping her in his own poor spirit. Trained in keeping calm, however, Sarah is able to hear through his frustration to understand that he is insecure about his ability to understand Excel functions. Sarah resolves to accompany her spreadsheets with a short “how to” section in the future.

As Lead Analyst, she understands the importance of staying organized, especially when it comes to naming and segmenting similar looking data. She takes the first fifteen minutes of her day to ensure that all documents are in their correct locations. Only after she feels comfortable with her system does she take on the emails of the day.

10:45 AM

Sarah takes the rest of the morning to put out fires here and there from her team, including a petty dispute between coworkers. During a short lull in which she waits on a call from the Marketing Director, she researches a holiday gift item she’s not heard of for her ten-year-old son: Red Dead Redemption. As she looks at the graphics and rating of the game, she concludes that the pressure of keeping the holidays special will not get her to purchase this disturbing game for a fifth grader! She closes out the open tab (good riddance!) as the phone rings.

12:00 PM

Time for lunch! Sarah was able to employ a ton of great techniques to maintain health and wellness throughout a hectic morning at work. She is able to foster an exceptionally productive day at work and an extremely calm and mindful spirit.

That said, are you really “busy” if you’re doing what you love?


Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season…

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