A Path to Incredible “Life Force Energy”

A Path to Incredible “Life Force Energy”

Have you ever wondered whether you had the power to heal yourself, or your family and friends, simply by intensely focused energy? If you’ve been following our routine of mindfulness and meditation from last month, you may be ready to try Energy Healing as described in Psychology Today. With this skill literally at your fingertips, you could use positive force to heal physical or emotional ailments.

Is Energy Healing a big joke?

Actually, according to the Mayo Clinic, energy healing and alternative medicine have become mainstream, with millions of people benefitting from the redistribution or refocusing of energy on a daily basis. In a recent UCLA study 83% of cases followed showed positive, REAL results from energy healing.

If you practice mindful energy healing, you can impact anything in nature, including yourself, your family and your children. The links to these articles explain how emotional traumas are stored in your epigenome (protein cover around the genome), and how the genes you pass on can hold your emotions for your children. To that point, your genes could include a laundry list of emotional traumas generations long. The answer? Healing energy.

With the Autumn season upon us, don’t wait to start working on your healing energy. Use the natural world around you to access your inner flow, and use your breathing to assist you in realizing your strength. Ancient Chinese text instructs us to take the Autumn season “to still our hearts and minds and to gather and collect the spirit and the qi (energy).” As you practice your morning meditation, you already spread your awareness slowly across your body. Try focusing on pure thoughts and concentrate your healing energy to any spot that may need consideration. At this point in your journey, listen to your body when it tells you something is off.


The Reiki Method

There are many different versions of energy healing: Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, Somatoemotional Release… One of the most widely accepted methods, however, is the Japanese-based Reiki method. This method seeks to transmit Universal Life Energy to aid in various symptoms one may be experiencing. This can be done in person or remotely.  Learn more about The Reiki Method from Johns Hopkins University – including when and how to practice.

The word “Reiki” is a combination of two Japanese words: Rei (“God’s wisdom or the Higher Power”) and Ki (“Life force energy”). Those who are attuned are able to tap into an unlimited supply of “life force energy,” and are able to transmit the power to others. Imagine laying on your back, with a healer above you. The healer’s energy flows through their hands, and is transmitted to your afflicted areas through the use of positive energy. As they release the energy, you feel it enter your body through your skin. This practice is not dependent on religion, but rather a spiritual understanding of the world around you. For even more information, you can go to the Reiki Website.


Wishing you the positive force of your energy on your YOUnique journey…



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