A Road Less Traveled or the LA Freeway – How to stay true to YOUR path

A Road Less Traveled or the LA Freeway – How to stay true to YOUR path

Were you ever completely sure about where you were going in life, then stopped and realized you were doing the same thing over and over without thinking about how it was impacting you? It’s easy to get caught up in the daily routine without realizing that you’re doing something that may be negatively impacting you or something that isn’t true to yourself. Perhaps you’ve realized that what you’re doing isn’t true to yourself and want to change, but don’t know how.

There are many factors that play a role in keeping your vision in mind on a day to day basis.  Whether your vision is to climb Mt Kilimanjaro or to pass your calculus exam, this article will help you establish healthy habits to stay on track.

Get a good night’s sleep. No matter what your vision is, goals are best achieved when we have gotten a good night’s sleep. When we don’t get enough sleep it puts stress on our body that can affect our ability to think clearly and can influence our focus negatively.

Stay positive. Your mindset is critical in pursuing your vision. We are our own harshest critic. Which can be good when you are pushing yourself toward a goal that you know you’re capable of accomplishing. It’s not good, however, when you stop believing in yourself. A balanced self-image can help us set realistic goals with just enough challenge to create satisfaction at the end of the day.

Let the past go. Sometimes things don’t work out the way you had planned.  Instead of focusing on the mistakes you’ve made, focus on where you can go from here. The path to your vision is a journey, and the mistakes you make along the way may tell you more about yourself than the successes.

Build healthy relationships. Surround yourself with people who will support you and your vision, whether they are there to help further your goals or to be a source of positivity. Having an open mind during your journey may allow you to make new friends and experience new perspectives.

Make time for self-reflection. Set aside time that you can reflect on your vision. Maybe your vision changes a little along the way or maybe you find that what you’re doing isn’t guiding you down the best path for you.

Following your vision isn’t necessarily linear.  You may find that you have to adapt your journey from time to time.


Brenda Raymond-Ball
Owner/Business Director, Healthwell Enterprises
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