About Us

What is Healthwell Enterprises?

We exist to make healthy connections simpler through the following programs:

  • Providing opportunities for consumers to learn about different wellness alternatives.
  • Building connections between consumers and local practitioners through in-person events and digital forums.
  • Teaching yoga to kids, ‘tweens, and teens to directly provide a connection for our future leaders to discover and create healthy habits.
  • Offering business coaching for wellness practitioners with a focus on reaching and educating consumers.


The Inspiration behind Healthwell

As is the case with many in the wellness arena, my personal story was the starting place.

Several years ago, I experienced a series of traumatic personal and business situations involving family health issues, and reorganizations that put not only my career and paycheck at risk, but also impacted others around me in a similar way. I had been attending yoga classes for several years at that point, but one class a week just wasn’t providing the balance that I needed.

When I started to experience somewhat alarming physical symptoms, I made the choice to take a deeper dive into wellness alternatives to rediscover some semblance of balance in my life. After months of focus on yoga, mindfulness, acupuncture, and therapeutic massage, I felt better and could focus on moving forward.

Along the way through my wellness exploration, I met a number of people who were also struggling, but found the wellness space confusing and didn’t know where to start. That and my love for yoga planted the seed to find a way to help others on their path to wellness.

Having an MBA and a business background, I’m not typical in the wellness arena. Using my background, I provide business services to practitioners enhancing their ability to connect and support consumers.

Please join us on your YOUnique journey to wellness. . .

Brenda Raymond-Ball
Owner/Business Director, Healthwell Enterprises

Brenda teaching an Imagination Yoga class