Are You a Cool Mom?

Are You a Cool Mom?

The kids are out of school, summer vacations are planned and you can sit by the pool to cool off – fact or fantasy? Even though it may be a summer vacation for kids, the summer can be a stressful time for parents who have to adapt their schedule for their children.  In this weather you have to make sure your kids have sunscreen on, are drinking enough fluids and aren’t going to pass out from the heat. It’s easy to forget, but you should be taking the same care with your well-being. This article will give you tips for you and your family to make the most of your summer – having fun and keeping your cool.

Your son has swim team at seven in the morning, your daughter has camp at nine and your husband leaves for work at eight. And on top of getting yourself ready for work and there by nine thirty, you are responsible for making sure everyone else is up and off to their commitments on time.  All of this can become overwhelming and you may find yourself starting to get upset over things that usually don’t bother you. Since you will be in this routine for most of the summer it may help for you to develop some habits to help you keep your cool. Maybe it’s setting aside time to drink your coffee in peace before the day starts, or doing something calming like yoga or meditation. Finding something that helps keep you calm will help you manage your summer routine smoothly.

Some of the best things about summer are getting to hang out by the pool and cookouts with friends and family. At the pool you can lounge out and soak in the sun rays then hop in the pool to cool off. Cookouts are a great way to visit with friends and they’re pretty easy to throw together. Visiting with people and playing lawn games out in the summer sun it’s easy to forget to stay hydrated.  With the sun beating down, you sweat more – which means you’re losing more water even when you’re just standing around socializing.  If water seems boring, try consuming fruits and vegetables that have a high water content.

You’re getting everyone off to their camps in the morning, you’ve successfully hosted a cookout and now you’re spending more time at home working on various projects. One thing you notice is that your electricity bill seems to be higher since the summer started. You know you’ve definitely been keeping the air conditioning on a lot but it’s also been really hot so you’re not sure how to keep your home cool and the electricity bill low. Try leaving windows open at night once the sun has set to take advantage of the cooler night air.  If you’ve come inside from doing yard work in the hot sun, instead of going to the thermostat to turn down the temperature try taking a cool shower or running cold water on your wrists or other pulse points. You should feel refreshed pretty instantly, and you may save yourself a couple of dollars on your electricity bill.

Having fun in the sun and enjoying summer vacations can be challenging to balance with the stress of planning ahead and keeping your body hydrated and cool.  Hopefully these tips will help you to better enjoy your summer adventures.


Samantha Raymond-Ball
Marketing Intern, Healthwell Enterprises or