Drowned or Determined: Michelle’s Busy Morning

Drowned or Determined: Michelle’s Busy Morning

In the last month, we’ve been focused on inhaling positive energy and exhaling negative energy. This month presents a new challenge as we approach the year-end hustle and bustle. The body is not equipped to handle copious amounts of stress which can lead to a compromised immune system, high blood pressure, or even development of Type 2 Diabetes. In this article, we’ll follow the busy morning of Michelle, who has learned some great practices to manage her busy days.  Follow the links we’ve sprinkled throughout to learn more tips to manage your busy schedule with greater ease.


6:30 AM

Michelle’s day starts off right with a well-timed alarm. Having gotten six hours of sleep, she’s excited to have a productive morning. First thing’s first: the kids must find their way to the bus.

Twenty minutes later, her two children are showered and dressed, albeit in terrible moods. Jacob is on page two of five for an essay that is due by fourth period (“It’ll get done!”), and Emma’s phone has inexplicably disappeared – despite it having woken her up less than an hour ago. If only they had employed some mindfulness techniques. . . Against all odds, they shuffle onto the bus at 7:12am.

7:13 AM

Next comes a big decision: Twenty minutes for either a power nap or her usual meditation. If she meditates, could she even remain undisturbed by a phone call from her mother or a panicked text from one of the kids? The rationalization that napping could be construed as “a form of meditation” comes to mind, but along her YOUnique Journey she takes no shortcuts! First, she focuses on her breathing…

8:30 AM

Refreshed and Refocused, she showers while she designs a plan for the day. The bank had a problem with the last mortgage payment, the basement hasn’t been cleaned in months despite her asking Emma to do it last week, and she was hoping to get in some early Christmas shopping. As she dressed, she prioritized and decided that the basement and the shopping could wait.

8:45 AM

Michelle considers driving to the bank, but as it’s just down the street she decides to walk instead, noting that this is an easy opportunity for some exercise. She is immediately pleased with her decision, since the Autumn air is crisp and light! She reaches the bank, and finds the most incompetent teller she’s ever met. The poor twenty-one-year-old has no idea what mortgage plan she is on, nor is he able to do ANYTHING helpful for the first fifteen minutes of their conversation.

Trained in keeping calm, Michelle’s breath slows and her muscles relax just before the branch manager notices the issue and comes to the rescue.

9:30 AM

Pleased with her victory over her own emotions, Michelle walks home even more euphoric than usual. As if the world itself presented it, she notices an inviting park bench, and decides to spend two minutes with nature before returning home for the rest of her morning.

10:00 AM

Do we even need this basement? What’s the harm in simply locking the door forever and pretending we don’t have one? She walks down the stairs in disgust as the room comes into view, disheveled and disorganized, as if a mountain troll had recently taken up residence. She feels totally trapped in the chaos of this room, and at the prospect of having to clean the entire thing! Pillows everywhere, dust all over the shelves, TV still on… Great.

With every straightened cushion, however, it feels easier and easier. As if on cue, Jacob calls in a panic, begging to have his red folder (they’re all red!) brought to school immediately, as his assignments are all inside. She calmly but reluctantly puts off the rest of the job for tomorrow, but is excited about her productivity in the short time she’s been awake! She grabs all the red folders and heads to school.

11:30 AM

Organized, relaxed, and ready for more, Michelle considers the first of the Christmas lists while eating a quick healthy lunch. Her husband, Mike, had been complaining about his Miter Saw turning off inexplicably, so his gift would be a quick run to Home Depot – totally doable today!

12:45 PM

On the ride back, Michelle reluctantly calls her mother-in-law to confirm dishes for Thanksgiving. Dissolving the daily pressure of impressing her mother-in-law, she describes her incredibly successful morning, and is completely unsurprised to hear that she has remembered the right dish for the family party.

1:15 PM

You go, Michelle! She has found so much success today that she doesn’t feel overwhelmed at all! The day so far has flown by in a whirl of productivity and accomplishment. She’s ready for the kid’s afternoon activities and pulling together a nutritious dinner in time to get to her committee meeting by 7 pm.

Are you really “busy” if you’re doing what you love?