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How to Refresh Healthy Mind and Body Rhythms during the Summer – Wed, July 11th 

a Wellness Wednesday Online Talk Show


As a Holistic Health Practitioner, Sue McLaughlin of Inner Source Living, LLC focuses on the integral connection between emotional and physical health.  Sue will take us back to our roots when we more naturally spent time outside during the warmer months and inside during the winter.  She will teach us tips to stimulate different parts of the brain helping us enjoy our summer even more and prepare to start our Fall routines.

Join us over your morning coffee or tea or call in on your way to the office – please use hands free technology.

This talk show is relevant to anyone who finds adapting to the change in activities between seasons challenging at some level.  Sue will have particular insights for those of us with children at home during the summer.

As usual with our events, we’ll focus on education and interactivity.  You’ll have the opportunity to submit questions in advance, or during a portion of the show via chat or phone.  And, you’ll leave the session with resource info to continue your learning journey.

Please register to get login/call in information.  No fees required.

Place:  Online

Date:  Wed, July 11th       

Time:  8 – 8:30 am

Fee:  FREE

Register:  Online at

Questions? or 513-310-2369 or


Past Events


Surviving the Heat of Summer using Essential Oils – Wed, June 13th

a Wellness Wednesday Online Talk Show

From the comfort of their homes (cars or other space with cell or wifi reception) attendees learned some basic tips about essential oils, and three great summer recipes to stay cool and healthy.


Dimensions of Wellness – Sat, April 21st

Sat, April 21 in Blue Ash, OH

Participants worked with local practitioners specializing in Alexander Technique, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, and Therapeutic Massage to explore balance and went home feeling nurtured and with new tools to meet the challenges of everyday life.



Wellness Practitioner Meetup

Wed, May 9 & Mon, March 5 in Blue Ash, OH

Practitioners took a moment to share ideas about how to serve the wellness community more effectively.


Exploring Yoga

Sat, Jan 27 in Blue Ash, OH

Attendees met new teachers and experienced different teaching styles leaving the workshop with an introduction to yoga and a new found enthusiasm to learn more.

Transform Your Stress into Success 

Sat, Oct 28 in Oakley, OH
Participants experienced stress management and relaxation techniques with local practitioners and went home with  self-care tips to help get through the day, the week or the rest of the year!

Inspiring Kids to Move workshop
Fri, May 19 in Sharonville, OH
Parents, classroom teachers, and intervention specialists learned tools, tips and resources to introduce yoga to the children in their lives.

You Are What You Eat – Nourishing a Healthy YOU

Sat, February 25th at Gracetree Yoga & Growth Studio (West Chester, OH)

This interactive panel discussion provided different perspectives about food and overall well-being. Participants went home with practical nutrition tips to improve your their health.


The City of Sharonville and Healthwell Enterprises hosted “YOUnique Wellness, an Expo!” a fun, family-friendly and FREE event in April 2016.

This expo featured local wellness and holistic health speakers, presenters, and more than 40 practitioners who exhibited and shared information about their goods and services. The full schedule included topics for all ages.

Workshops / Presentations:

  • Making healthier food choices
  • Essential oils
  • Attention, learning, and behavior
  • The future of healthcare/functional medicine
  • Rewiring your brain
  • Feng shui
  • Qi gong
  • Mindfulness and yoga for kids, teens, and adults
  • Self-care solutions
  • 3D healing (energy, sleep & pain)

Major Event Sponsors included:

  • City of Sharonville Parks & Recreation
  • Healthwell Enterprises
  • KTC Wellness Coaching
  • Namaste Candle Co.
  • YINtuitive Connections Yoga & Life Guidance
  • Operatives of D.E.S.I.G.N.
  • Apex Chiropractic
  • Future Life Now