Falling into a New Routine

Falling into a New Routine

It’s that time of the year, summer is wrapping up and fall is about to begin. Even though the hot weather persists well into September the association of back to school is enough to bring out the boots, fall decorations and seasonal fall flavors in stores everywhere. Refresh your wardrobe with sweaters and boots, redecorate the house for fall and look forward to that time of year when you don’t need to turn on air conditioning nor heat.

The kids are getting ready to go back to school with new teachers, new classes and sometimes a new school. As excited as they may be to start classes and see their friends again, it can be a hard adjustment from staying up late and not having a set structure every day to being at school for seven hours a day. To help alleviate those nerves try easing  them back into a routine and make getting ready to start a new school year a smoother transition.

If you have children, you know your routine is very much intertwined with theirs. Your work schedule may even depend upon when they leave and come back from school. You may find that having to get up early to make sure the kids get dressed, eat breakfast and catch the school bus on time just isn’t your cup of tea. You got used to a very laid-back schedule during the summer and this new schedule is hard for you as well. Going to bed at a consistent time, putting down the electronics and getting more sunlight in the morning are just some of the ways you can make getting up in the morning easier.

Meals in the summer may have been grabbing whatever was in the fridge or taking long trips to the grocery store trying to figure out what to make for dinner. Now that school is started you don’t have the same luxury because lunches need to be made the night before and sports practices have started which means you don’t have as much time before dinner to put things together. Crock pot meals can be a life saver since you can do the preparation when you have time and the cooking can take place while you’re busy with other things.  There’s nothing better than walking in the door knowing that dinner is almost ready to put on the table.  This still requires thinking ahead since you have to have everything ready and in the crockpot in ample time to be fully cooked when you want to eat. Using these meal planning tips now will help you save time and alleviate stress on those nights when you have parent teacher meetings, a soccer game and a debate meet all at the same time.

With this change in schedule and eventual change in the weather it almost feels like starting over; start the fall refreshed and form new habits. If you spent most of the summer keeping your children entertained with trips to the pool, playdates and various outings, this may be a time you can spend to reflect on what you want to do. Maybe you want to work out more, or find other outlets that will help reduce your stress.

Changing seasonal routines can be stressful.  Remember to take things one step at a time and find what works for you . . .


Samantha Raymond-Ball
Marketing Intern, Healthwell Enterprises
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