Feast or Famine?

Feast or Famine?

Yep, it’s that time of year again.  Starting with Halloween all the way through New Year’s there is a steady stream of ready-made excuses to indulge in foods that are full of sugar and/or fat.  So, do you feast or do you subject yourself to famine?

How about striking a balance? Allowing yourself some indulgences – maybe saving them for your favorite Holiday dishes, will help you make healthy choices overall without feeling deprived.  Whether you are actively trying to lose or maintain your current weight or just wanting to feel good and stay healthy, paying attention to what you eat is a must.

Would it surprise you to know that it’s also important to watch how much and what your dog eats to maintain his overall health?  Overweight dogs suffer from some of the same health issues as their humans.  And, getting exercise together can be a bonus for both of you!

We’ve put together some tips and links based on common questions and perceptions related to healthy eating to help you keep on track during the Holidays and stay on course throughout the new year.

Do you have to spend a lot of money to eat healthy? Not necessarily, using healthy foods like brown rice or multigrain pasta as the base of a meal is a good start.  Snacking on nonfat Greek yogurt or edamame will also help you stay in budget and on a healthy track.  Check out this WebMD article for other examples of less expensive healthy foods including cost estimates and nutrition info.

How do you maintain a healthy balance when faced with a multitude of Holiday events with enticing buffets and rich desserts? Try some of these strategies:

  • Eat a healthy snack before going to a party/Holiday event
  • Scope out all items on a buffet before starting to fill your plate
  • Pause 10 minutes before going back for seconds and evaluate if you really need more
  • Choose fruits and veggie options from Holiday spreads
  • Find a place to sit/stand that isn’t right next to the food

Do I have to sacrifice flavor to eat healthy? Not at all! You just might need to think more creatively about what to eat. Women’s Health put together a list of 53 healthy snacks that will get you started.  Here are some examples:

  • Avocado fries with lime dipping sauce
  • Double chocolate banana bread bars
  • Carrot cake oatmeal cookies
  • Baby carrots with hummus
  • Banana split (you have to check out the recipe)
  • Crispy sweet potato fries
  • And so many more . . .

The Holidays can be full of landmines when it comes to staying healthy.  Think through your strategies in advance and have some new healthy recipes in your back pocket ready to keep you and your family in balance and on a healthy path. 


Brenda Raymond-Ball
Owner/Business Director, Healthwell Enterprises
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