Finding Equilibrium: A Balancing Act

Finding Equilibrium: A Balancing Act

Sometimes there are months that just seem to cruise by.  It’s easy to get into a lull, feel a lack of motivation and maybe even experience physical symptoms from boredom.  In these cases, however, those who find success and true happiness are able to focus on things that are important to them.  Eating healthy and exercising, meditating, reading… all of these and more can serve you on your YOUnique Journey.  This month, commit some time to finding balance in your life.  Find support in your life to allow your mind, body and spirit to achieve equilibrium. Finding balance, as it turns out, takes effort. Daily practices are essential for maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Physical balance starts with a clear mind, focusing on creating a solid core through techniques like Yoga. Combine this practice with other techniques to balance mind and spirit, and realize the best version of yourself. This idea of enjoying the practice helps to solidify your Trophy-Process Balance.  We may find intrinsic rewards when we motivate ourselves to participate in activities with no obvious physical reward.

Ever stayed late at the office? The number one thing we hear from people is their desire for work-life balance.  It takes dedication to maintain for sure.  Keep in mind that many managers respect employees who value their personal time, because it increases productivity, creativity and overall attitude while on the job. People with a balance of priorities between home and work tend to have more emotional stability, and can be exceptionally committed to specific projects, which in turn can return incredible results. Finding balance between work and home, while challenging, will undoubtedly make you better at both.

As long as we’re focusing on self-actualization, we should discuss balancing commitment to yourself vs. others.  We all have people who depend on us (whether those dependencies are obvious or not), and it is important that we are available for them.  Too many of us, however, lose sight of ourselves when constantly focusing on others.  Remember the flight attendant instruction: get your own oxygen mask in place, then help others traveling with you.  The same holds true throughout life; you must be well to help others who depend on you.  Your YOUnique Journey is your own – give yourself permission to pursue it.  Find spiritual practices that work for you, and spend time on yourself.

It’s okay to stray from your path, but don’t let snowy weather or your dedication to help others keep you from your journey for long! Find a way to bounce back, and discover confidence in the beautiful power of your Journey. We are with you.





Brenda Raymond-Ball Owner/Business Director, Healthwell Enterprises or