Learning Without Limits: Motivation is Key

Learning Without Limits: Motivation is Key

What have you always wanted to learn? Did you always want to learn how to swim? How to lift weights better? Maybe you want to be a self-taught lawyer! All of these are attainable goals with the ability to easily educate yourself. This article will teach you how, which we’ll explore from the perspective of someone learning the basics of piano for the first time. Artistic expression is one extremely effective way of learning a new thing. Make it artistic, and it will satisfy your thirst for knowledge indefinitely.


Angela sat at the piano for the first time, breathing heavily as she examined the blank keys in front of her. She had her practice book out in front of her, the pages worn from the many nights she sat reading about piano while awaiting the arrival of her first keyboard. As much as she enjoyed listening to pianists on the radio, she had always wanted to try her hand at it herself. She looked at her “middle c” key, and rested her right thumb gently on the instrument, letting her other fingers fall gently in line to the right of the thumb.


The book stated that the first five notes in the C major scale, a happy-sounding scale for beginners, fell evenly with where her fingers automatically sat. Angela could imagine what it sounded like, but was eager to try. She played the first notes; first up, then down. They sounded horrible and uneven! She scanned the book for resources, and came upon a word. Metronome: a device used to keep rhythm. Hmm, worth a try. She found an app on her phone and played along with the metronome. It again sounded uneven. She slowed it down. A technique she had read about earlier in the week described musicians that had successful tempos at first by tapping their foot. She tapped, tapped, tapped… then she played. The music came out beautifully, a flourish of sound.


The feeling of learning this simple scale exhilarated her! Angela had just played music! Eagerly, she shuffled the pages and reset the metronome. Her self-motivation could no longer be contested by procrastination and fear! More importantly, she had just taught herself! She didn’t need to pay the thirty dollars per hour to do that- her motivation took her there. Being an effective learner is just as valuable as having resources to learn.


Learning things permanently, however, doesn’t come as easily. Angela will need to play that scale quite a few more times before it’s engrained in her muscle memory. Not only that, but learning is done most effectively when the person repeats the same movement/thought consistently and repeatedly. Real knowledge can be easily gained and easily maintained, with the proper spirit.


Learning something new can be empowering and helps to keep the mind active. There will be times when you may become discouraged or frustrated and it doesn’t seem like you’re making any progress – don’t forget the end goal. It’s a journey that comes with its frustrations and triumphs, and you may even learn more about yourself in the process.




Kyle Kidwell

Music-Obsessed Intern, Healthwell Enterprises

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