New Times, New Technology

New Times, New Technology

In a time like this it is so easy to feel alone and isolated. Thankfully technology can allow us to communicate with our friends and family as well as help us to improve our wellness in other ways.

One type of technology that is being used more frequently is video chatting services. It is great that there are lots of services, but it can get overwhelming deciding which service is best to use. FaceTime is great if everyone has an iPhone, but what service is best if not everyone has an iPhone? Some services are easier than others to use in big groups and some you can even use to play group games.

Hopefully you have been able to find workout videos or maybe your fitness instructor has been holding classes via Zoom or Skype. Technology is helping us maintain our wellness. For hikers there is an application that gives you maps of trails as well as pictures. Or if you want a little extra adventure in your workout try an application that motivates you by having you run away from zombies…

Being more isolated and with the prevalence of a unusual reality, it is easy for our negative thoughts to take over.  The uncertainty of knowing when things will go back to normal and not being able to visit with friends and family in person makes everyday tasks seem challenging. Check out some of the applications that can help to calm those negative thoughts. Meditation apps, journaling prompts and online yoga routines can help keep your mind on a more positive track.

Maybe all this down time is starting to make you stir crazy and you are trying to think of things to do. These applications have some great ideas like new recipes to cook, tracking your sleep cycle or an application that keeps you accountable for your goals.

Adapting to the “new normal” is challenging – try some new approaches to your usual activities and add some new tools to your wellness toolkit.  Let’s strive to come out of this strange timeframe together and stronger than ever before.


Samantha Raymond-Ball
Marketing Intern, Healthwell Enterprises or