New Year, Fresh Beginnings

New Year, Fresh Beginnings

New year, new you, that’s what a lot of exercise facilities and grocery stores advertise every year. Maybe you’re not interested in hitting the gym or a new diet but there are some things that you’ve always wanted to try or a new skill you’ve always wanted to learn.  How do you get yourself motivated enough to embark on this new adventure? Or maybe you’re hesitant to try something new because you don’t want to be discouraged when it doesn’t work out.  We’d like to help you overcome your uncertainty and discomfort.

Life gets busy. We get caught in our daily routine and we convince ourselves we don’t have time for anything else. Instead of saying you don’t have time to fit in another thing, make this new thing a part of your daily routine.  Finding a balance is healthy and you may find that you have to reprioritize to satisfy your new wants or needs.


In fact, one of the great things about learning something new is that you never know what other benefits you’ll gain. Maybe your goal is to attend yoga once a week to become more mindful and relieve stress. What you don’t expect is that it will help you develop your core muscles and improve your balance. You may also learn more from the people around you which may help you find your niche.


Routines are nice because as we get used to them, we don’t have to stop and think about what we’re doing next – the flow becomes second nature. And yet our brains crave new challenges. Making more neural connections can even improve our daily routines as we find new, more efficient ways to get things done.


Trying something new comes with challenges and frustrations, but in the end your new skill can help you in ways you didn’t even realize. Remember to ask for feedback, be honest with yourself, and don’t ever stop learning.


Take the leap and begin your journey to try something new. We’re here to help you along the way . . .





Samantha Raymond-Ball
Marketing Intern, Healthwell Enterprises or