Stay Well, Simply . . .

Stay Well, Simply . . .

Staying healthy is always a good goal. In the middle of a pandemic it may be on your mind more often than not. Let’s take a look at some natural ways to boost your immune system that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine.

Essential oils can help support your immune system. Ever wonder why lemon is a common scent in cleaning supplies? Lemon is antibacterial as well as an antioxidant which can help boost your immune system. On the other hand, lavender has calming properties that help to ease stress and encourage good sleep.

Since both stress and fatigue can lead to lowered immunities, it is important to pay attention to both to stay well.   Sleep is elusive to some and need for sleep is not equal for all.  Figure out how much sleep you need and some ways to ensure your sleep is good quality.  Stress management techniques such as meditation or mindfulness can help reduce your cortisol levels and ensure that you are ready to fight off infections.

Exercise in general is good for your immune system.  Try yoga for a double dip of exercise and stress management.  Various poses help spread oxygenated blood throughout the organs and muscles promoting optimal function. Breathing techniques and meditation associated with yoga help to lower your stress levels.

It’s no surprise that your doctor tells you to make sure you eat your fruits and veggies as a lot of them have nutrients that build up your immunities. Leafy green vegetables contain antioxidants and citrus fruits contain Vitamin C. If you enjoy cooking, try adding some new spices to your recipes such as ginger and turmeric. Incorporating these foods into your diet will help enhance your immune system.

Keeping your body healthy can be a natural process.  Find what works for you, we’ll help you with the journey . . .


Samantha Raymond-Ball
Marketing Intern, Healthwell Enterprises or